Having 60 Years Educational Experience

It gives me immense pleasure to write about ‘The Kagal Education Society, Kagal’- [KES]. The Kagal Education Society, is a pioneer in education since 1960.It’s my sincere gratitude to late Shri. Y. D. Mane (Anna)for laying such a strong educational hub in Kagal. This has facilitated thousands of students from Kagal and nearby areas to acquire quality education. It has also leaded a strong foundation for the development of social, agricultural and educational structure of the KES.
We strongly believe in overall development of our students. KES strives to incorporate knowledge with wisdom, life skills, values, physical and mental development and co-curricular activities which helps student to survive in the competitive world of globalization. I ensure to provide our students the best educational platform that leads student to accept day to day challenges in this competitive world. I appreciate the efforts taken by the team of KES and give my best wishes to all stakeholders for coming years together

Shri Pratap Y Mane(Bhaiyya) – Secretary