welcome you YDMIP

Its my pleasure to welcome you to the Y. D. Mane Institute of Pharmacy, Kagal website. Pharma industry underwent a complete transformation due to liberal economy, globalization, emerging GATT era. There is rapid interfacing of different newly emerged disciplines. Advances in biotechnology, Molecular biology and computer sciences largely drive the revolution in the field. It appears that the pendulum of pharmaceutical sciences is slowly swinging more towards life sciences applied medical and healthcare sciences, biotechnology and information technology. The demand of high quality pharmaceuticals, introduction of new generation of drugs, emerging biotechnological methods for the production of extremely efficacious drugs, increased understanding of etiology of diseases due to advances in biology, the availability of sophisticated biomedical equipment’s and instruments for diagnosis and devices for the effective treatment of diseases demands greater responsibilities on pharmacists working in industry, hospitals and community.
This would require a well-designed, updated syllabus, resource identification and faculty development. The pharmacy educational institutions should work together with new attitude, vision and serendipity. Universities, Govt. regulatory bodies (AICTE, PCI and DTE) and pharmaceutical and healthcare industries have big role to play. Knowledge based and sophisticated technology based developments will present many more challenges and opportunities than today and before.Pharmacy students have much to learn and much more to do.

Dr. Syed Asadulla – Principal